Saturday, October 10, 2009

Halloween T-Shirt

So, I went out and did some shopping today ... I mostly looked for Halloween items and couldn't find any short sleeved shirts Halloween themed shirts for my 6 year old son. So, I bought a plain white t shirt from Walmart, and spent $0.70 on fabric and made my own.

Iadded some rustic looking stitches around the image to hold it in place and here is my goofball wearing the finished product:

This was so easy to make! I cut the images using my Cricut! I used the "Life is a Beach" cartridge for the skull & crossbones image. All you do is apply fusible webbing to your fabric by lightly pressing the entire thing with a warm iron, cut with your Cricut, peel off the paper backing and iron on the image. I'm pleased with how it turned out, although I think that my sewing machine is about on it's last legs. Oh well .... Christmas is right around the corner! Maybe Santa will be good to me this year .... ;)


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